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We have launched a COVID-19 Tracker, The survey themes include health and risk behaviours, food security, income, work and job security, personal safety concerns, and access to government and community support.


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Choose from our Finscope consumer, MSME, Lite, and Mobile data product lines to locate historical presentations, data, and pocket guides by nation, region, and year.

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Choose from our Programme resources, which encompasses all of our research and impact over the years, or utilize the Past knowledge (Archived) option for past thematic research or impact that is no longer ongoing.

Past programmes (Archived)


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View our research and data on the SADC region, we've compiled everything we learned into one easy-to-use dashboard. As we release new content, the dashboard will be regularly updated with new content.

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Choose your interest country, and the country page will show you all of the data and resources we have on that country, as well as the ability to download datasets for that country.



By promoting greater access to financial services we focus on ensuring that small scale farmers are empowered to participate in the agricultural economy.

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The positive impact of digital financial services on the poor is well documented globally. These services provide efficient, cost effective and more accessible solutions to accessing formal financial services.

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Cross-border remittances

Cross-border payments are financial transactions where the payer and the recipient are based in separate countries.

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Through the MSME MAP (Making Access Possible) framework, an evidence-based strategy to support MSMEs is developed for different countries. The process identifies dominant sectors, sizes the value of the sector, assesses blockages to growth for the MSMEs in the sectors.

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Policy and Regulation

A well-developed policy and regulatory environment ensures the market operates efficiently and at scale, whilst also taking into account the needs of all of the stakeholders that participate in it – both consumers and providers.

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Gender with a focus on women

Gender equality is fundamental to achieving economic growth and poverty reduction. FMT is committed to accelerating efforts towards the gender equality and empowerment of women.

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Data for financial markets

FMT FinScope

The FinScope Consumer Survey is uniquely aimed at increasing understanding of the informal financial product/service market.

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FMT Analytics

Gathering data is the easy part, knowing what to do with it more complex. Our team of researchers, statisticians, and data scientist can analyse FinScope or Big Data to generate evidence and insights.

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FMT Mobile

The proliferation of mobile devices has presented researchers with a golden opportunity to rethink the way data is collected.

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FMT Portal

The data portal hosts multiple public datatypes and analytical tools that allow stakeholders to compare indicators across countries and jurisdictions.

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FMT Geospatial

This geospatial offering supports the centering of financial infrastructure around consumers, as well as using location intelligence to inform key decision areas.

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